Hi there. If you’ve linked to this blog or stumbled upon it, you may be wondering, why a blog? Why not Schoology or my library webpage?

Well, a couple reasons.

First, I’ve used WordPress many times in the past and I find it very easy to post content using this management system. Sometimes the other systems we have access to, just aren’t as user friendly OR I’m not as familiar with them. Considering the newness of what’s been happening right now, I did not want to add learning a new content management system to my list.

Second, I like the way a blog can be updated, followed, and how I can categorize each post here. This way, if you really want to, you can follow me and you will get an email each time I post. Or you can just visit the page when you need to.

Finally, as a librarian, my job is not to just check out books to students, but to provide a wide range of materials of all types and interest/reading levels. Subjects should be all encompassing. So you’ll see all kinds of things here on the blog. Anything from community information and resources, to fun things to do, to science, math, English, social studies, etc.

You can check out the categories on the left hand side, to easily find the types of resources you are interested in.