Databases and World Book Online

We have access to thousands of articles via our GALE database and World Book Online subscriptions through the district. I’ve sent out an email to teachers, with log in information for our subscription databases and subscription online encyclopedia. I can’t publish the log in information publicly but you can ask your teachers for the information. You can also message me here if you need the information.

World Book is an up-to-date source of articles on social studies, history, science, biographies, geography, etc. There are also interactive maps and varying levels of reading and content. Articles can be saved, linked to directly and can be listened to as you’re reading as well.

GALE databases include newspapers, magazines, academic journals, reference books and articles on numerous subjects. The ones we use the most are Science in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, and Middle School in Context (this one is history and social studies mainly). Articles can be as up-to-date as the day or week before you are looking at them.

Again, teachers have the log in information to share or you can message me or email me for it as well.

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