Summer Reading Lists & Stuff

Hi all. I'll share here a couple places you can find summer reading lists. First, Barnes & Noble has a nice page that separates reading into age categories, including books for adults. Find it here. Also check out the NYPL best books lists here. Next up--find my curated list for my students on my website, …

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Ultimate Parent’s Guide

The Washington Post has an ultimate parent's guide to activities for kids which they update as needed. Usually Post articles are behind a paywall, but because it's related to the pandemic, you should be able to access this resource for free. Check out the article here.

What are you reading?

I know it's been awhile since I've posted here. I've been heavily involved in library department activities, primarily updating and overhauling our entire library department website (I'll share the link in another post). I created a little Padlet awhile ago, asking the question: what are you reading? If you're out there reading these posts, add …

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Parents/Teachers, this is for you

Common Sense media is a great site for reviews of books, movies, TV shows, and music for your kids. Parents can review and give info to help you make wise decisions about which media your kids consume and what might be age-appropriate for them. Find the website here. I often go to this site if …

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Sync Audio Books for Teens

Every year for the spring and summer months, SYNC Audio Books for Teens puts out a weekly pair of free audio books. A current popular book is matched with a more classic one that mirrors the themes of the other. It's a great opportunity to obtain a personal library of free audio books that have …

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More Authors!

Seems like there's a lot of authors out there reading and speaking online. It's great how we can hear their words and see them to understand their writing better. I love hearing what they have to say. I hope you do too. A fellow librarian shared this with our department today 🙂 CLICK HERE for …

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