Physical Activity

I probably posted about this site before, when the weather wasn't as nice as it is starting to be (this week in the 70's!) but I thought I'd post again about Go Noodle. It's a site devoted to physical activity for kids and even though I personally haven't used it, it looks very worthwhile. Check …

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Ultimate Parent’s Guide

The Washington Post has an ultimate parent's guide to activities for kids which they update as needed. Usually Post articles are behind a paywall, but because it's related to the pandemic, you should be able to access this resource for free. Check out the article here.

More Authors!

Seems like there's a lot of authors out there reading and speaking online. It's great how we can hear their words and see them to understand their writing better. I love hearing what they have to say. I hope you do too. A fellow librarian shared this with our department today 🙂 CLICK HERE for …

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