Virtual Fitness

Canalside usually has a wide-range of free fitness activities down by the waterfront. Until things ease up a bit, they are offering free virtual fitness classes online. Click here to find the schedule of what's available. Also you can visit the Outer Harbor and complete the scavenger hunt just for fun. Click here and scroll …

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Physical Activity

I probably posted about this site before, when the weather wasn't as nice as it is starting to be (this week in the 70's!) but I thought I'd post again about Go Noodle. It's a site devoted to physical activity for kids and even though I personally haven't used it, it looks very worthwhile. Check …

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Ultimate Parent’s Guide

The Washington Post has an ultimate parent's guide to activities for kids which they update as needed. Usually Post articles are behind a paywall, but because it's related to the pandemic, you should be able to access this resource for free. Check out the article here.


So there's a P.E. teacher in the UK who has started streaming physical ed "classes" on YouTube daily, for your kids. His name is Joe and you can find his channel here. You can also search for his videos using the words "PE With Joe" He also has a large number of exercise videos for …

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