Ultimate Parent’s Guide

The Washington Post has an ultimate parent's guide to activities for kids which they update as needed. Usually Post articles are behind a paywall, but because it's related to the pandemic, you should be able to access this resource for free. Check out the article here.

Bitmoji Classroom!

If you're a teacher or librarian, or even a student with a cool teacher :), you may have seen a cool bitmoji classroom. There's a bunch of tutorials out there, but I'm posting this one. Check it out! and make your own fun online classroom or interactive lessons. Here's a bunch more ideas in case …

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Awesome Home Activities

I know many people may feel overwhelmed by the amount of things available to them online. One of the reasons I created the blog was you could choose categories you were interested in (by clicking on them on the left side bar) and not have to weed through things you weren't interested in. I just …

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Author Jason Reynolds

The Library of Congress is sponsoring a cool series with author Jason Reynolds where he will discuss his writing process and at the end of each video episode, he'll give young people a prompt to help spur their own creative process. The first episode was this past week. You can find more information and the …

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