Ultimate Parent’s Guide

The Washington Post has an ultimate parent's guide to activities for kids which they update as needed. Usually Post articles are behind a paywall, but because it's related to the pandemic, you should be able to access this resource for free. Check out the article here.

Pandemic Resources for School Librarians

The American Library Association has a number of resources for school librarians gathered at this page. Here's a bunch more links librarians might find useful, and to share with their school communities: https://nycdoe.libguides.com/COVID-19ebooks/free https://slsa-nys.org/resources/coronavirus-information-resources-2020/ http://www.nysed.gov/coronavirus https://www.buffalolib.org/subject-guides/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-covid-19 https://slsa-nys.org/resources/coronavirus-information-resources-2020/ https://esboces.libguides.com/COVID19 http://www.nysed.gov/postsecondary-services/covid-19-resources-families-and-communities https://www.e1b.org/en/about-us/novel-corona-virus.aspx# https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/index.html https://www.ed.gov/coronavirus

FREE Coronavirus book for kids

CLICK HERE for a free download of a book for kids that does a great job of explaining the virus and this situation we're in, for kids. From School Library Journal: "Coronavirus: A Book for Children by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson, and Nia Roberts and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. It’s free to download on the Candlewick …

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