April is National Poetry Month

Did you know that a whole month is dedicated just to poetry? April is the lucky month for a celebration of poetry. I think it’s fitting, as poetry can be so uplifting, even when it addresses a serious topic. Spring and poetry seem to go together.

I’ve put together a few poetry resources for students (and adults might enjoy some of these as well).

First Scholastic, again, has a page of resources dedicated just to poetry activities and poets. Find the page here.

Next you can go over to the Academy of American Poets website for a number of different activities and ideas for National Poetry Month. If we were in the physical library this month, I’d be displaying and promoting various poets and their books, as well as posting favorite poems around the library. Here’s the Academy website with more info.

Also at poets.org, you can find some beautiful poems to read as well.

ALSO! There’s a great resource at the Favorite Poem Project, where you can watch videos of Americans reading their favorite poems. What a great idea 🙂

Click here for those videos.

Last but not least, the Poetry Foundation also has a great page of resources for kids, teens, and adults, including poems and articles about poetry.

Find that page here.

PS–I’m a poet, and that image above is a poem I had published in Buffalo Spree magazine many years ago, about singing with the Bflo Philarmonic Chorus and Orchestra at Kleinhans Music Hall. Maybe I’ll share some more poems later on. Enjoy the poetry!

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