Journals & Diaries, Videos & Podcasts

Good morning to the Olmsted Owls family. I was thinking about what I’d post next for everyone, and thinking of articles I’ve read recently about keeping a diary or journal during this unprecedented event we are all living through together.

I’ve started a video diary. It helps me pass the time, share with others, and analyze my own thoughts and experiences. Maybe it can help others too.

A diary can be personal and private, only for you. You don’t need much for a traditional diary–a blank or lined sketch book or journal, a spiral notebook, or you can make a simple one yourself. CLICK here for some fun book making ideas.

You can also share your journal by making a video journal posted to YouTube (I would recommend parents being involved with this choice, as well as making it either private or each video link only available to those you share it with). Talk about what you’ve been doing, what your family is up to, how everyone is feeling, etc. What other platforms do people use? Facebook? Instagram? There are a lot of choices.

Are you a creative musician? Maybe you want to make a music diary–sharing your own creations during this time. Soundcloud is a great platform for sharing your original music.

Have you heard of podcasts? What about publishing your own podcast? This doesn’t have to be your own personal experiences either, you can have a particular focus–do you like to talk about animals, books, art, music, science, sports, history, politics (yikes!), fashion, movies, etc. You can interview others and/or just muse on your own. Here’s a site to get you started –for free.

Most smart phones allow you to record audio tracks right on your phone too. If you’d rather use your computer for this, try AUDACITY.

Teachers: podcasts and YouTube channels might be useful tools to keep connected with your students so they can hear your voices and see your faces. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just a daily greeting perhaps that you can share with students only.

Comment below if you wish.

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