October Updates

Hello follower friends,

I’ve been busy with library work in the department and for my school, so I haven’t been as prolific here.

Here are some updates on resources:

Cool Content Creation Tools for teachers and others of course.

Make graphics, blogs, websites, videos, bitmoji, flyers, storybooks, edit photos, and collaborate. Most of the tools are free, especially if you are an educator. My favorites are Magisto, Storybird (love this site!) and WordPress of course. I’ve used all the others except for one- Flipgrid which I’m still exploring how I might use this.

Are you a teacher looking for educational videos to use with your students? Look at this collection of sites I put together for just that purpose.

Looking for news sites that are appropriate for kids? You might find some of these sites useful then.

You can find the rest of my collections on this page. I’m adding more all the time.

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